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Get well-planned digital marketing strategies designed to succeed! Our results-driven marketing solutions will promote your practice and expand your online reach to new patients.

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For prospective patients, the word on your practice should reflect the top-quality care you provide. Build an online reputation that inspires confidence & trust with members of your local community.

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At DoctorsInternet, we value our clients' trust and the investment they have made in our services. In addition to offering dentists comprehensive website and online marketing solutions, we provide a level of personalized attention and customer service that sets our company apart from the rest. Your dedicated marketing manager gets to know your practice well and works closely with you to discuss your online marketing strategies and address any requests, questions, or concerns.

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It's time your practice reaps the benefits of paid online advertising campaigns. An investment in Pay-Per-Click advertising with Google Ads guarantees your practice appears on page one in searches relevant to your practice. Our PPC experts can also help you grow your audience and attract new patients with Facebook Ads and ad retargeting campaigns.

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DoctorsInternet is dedicated to your success and protecting your reputation for quality care. As a company founded by dentists, we understand the power that online reviews can wield when it comes to practice growth. We provide the expert help, resources, and ongoing support you need to generate positive online reviews and monitor and manage your practice's online reputation.

Marketing Essentials

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Why Having Consistent, Correct Information About Your Practice on the Internet is Important
Dr. Joshua Gindea covers the importance of having accurate, consistent, and up-to-date information about your practice across a variety of directory listing and social media websites.
How Google Ads Can Help Build Your Business
Dr. Joshua Gindea provides insight into how Google Ads works, covering frequently asked questions such as "How much will ads cost?" and "How do I track my results?"
Do's & Don'ts for Acquiring and Monitoring Reviews for Healthcare Practices
Dr. James Gelfand explains some of the most important aspects of acquiring online reviews, along with how to navigate some easily avoidable situations that can harm your online reputation.
How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?
One of the most common questions asked by owners of healthcare practices is "How much should I spend per month on marketing". The short answer is "It Depends". There are many variables to consider, most importantly your goals for your business and whether your business is relatively new or a mature long existing business.
Acquiring New Patients From Those Searching Online
It is common knowledge that the number one way to build your practice is by getting referrals from your current patients. However, it is also possible to acquire a significant number of new patients from those searching online for the services that you provide in their area.
How To Design A Digital Marketing Campaign For Your Dental Practice
You want to start a digital marketing campaign for your dental practice, but you're not sure where to begin. As there are many different options, it can be difficult to know what will be the most effective.
Digital Marketing Trends that are Essential for the Medical Field
As the world has moved into the digital age, marketing campaigns have become more than traditional radio/TV commercials, newspaper ads and billboards. Businesses now need to develop an internet marketing strategy as well.
10 Great Healthcare Websites for 2024
The first point of contact for most new patients, where initial impressions get formed, is on a healthcare practice's website. With this in mind, a healthcare website should be visually striking and contain relevant, compelling content while providing a seamless and secure user experience.
How to Help Build your Practice
It is common knowledge that the number one way to build your practice is by getting referrals from your current patients. However, it is also possible to acquire a significant number of new patients from those searching online for the services that you provide in their area.
The Value of an Effective Instagram Bio
According to the Pew Research Center's report on "Social Media Use in 2021," Instagram ranks third, just after YouTube and Facebook, among the top ten social media platforms. Instagram represents a powerful way to help your practice reach a larger audience.
Getting Positive Google Reviews for your Practice
How critical are positive Google reviews for your practice? The answer is simple. More than 75% of new patients select healthcare professionals based on online reviews, and the most widely viewed review platform is Google!
Ten Ways an Active Social Media Presence Benefits Your Practice
If your practice is not taking advantage of social media marketing, you're missing out on a valuable way to reach a larger audience and bring more patients to your door.
Successful Formulas for Healthcare Marketing
In a competitive healthcare marketplace, most prospective patients have multiple choices in care. For this reason, it's essential for practices to have a well-planned marketing strategy that captures attention.
Improving Access To Mental Health Services
With increasing numbers of people across the country actively seeking or in need of mental health services, it's essential to improve awareness of the issues and provide greater access to care.
It's Time For Automation
An automated reminder and recall system helps ensure your appointment book is full and saves your staff valuable office time. Boost office efficiency and increase your profits with 365 Schedule Manager
Building A Referral Network
Establishing a thriving and successful medical practice requires a well-planned approach to marketing and building a network of referral sources. In today's competitive marketplace, it's essential to be proactive.
A Guide To Digital Marketing In Dentistry
Today, expanding your patient base and ensuring practice growth involves establishing a successful online presence. Practice growth and a healthy appointment book involve your dental office getting noticed!
Marketing Tips for Practice Growth
While you may have a beautiful state-of-the-art office and provide skilled and compassionate care, to make sure your practice thrives and prospers requires ongoing marketing efforts.
How Website Optimization Helps With SEO
You may already know how important SEO is for your website, but do you also know how website optimization can help boost your search engine rankings?
Online Success Begins with Understanding the Searcher’s Journey
In the vast and ever-expanding Internet landscape, it's essential to understand the online searcher's journey to achieve digital marketing success.
The Future is Now: AI's Rising Influence in Digital Marketing
In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, a new powerful force has emerged that promises to enhance your digital marketing endeavors for improved success
Preserving Patient Loyalty
Seven Strategies for Patient Retention
Start the New Year with a Strong Digital Marketing Plan
Ten Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Online Success
Mastering the Art of Multichannel Integration in Online Marketing
Ten Essential Features for Exceptional Website Design
Responsive Website Design and its Impact on SEO
Five Social Media Tips to Grow Your Audience & Promote Business Growth
Pay Per Click Ads
The Importance of First Impressions for Online Success
The Evolution of Consumer Feedback and Its Growing Value

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Client Testimonials

Be one of the thousands of practices who put their trust in DoctorsInternet to help grow their business.

"Doctors Internet is the most professional and compete networking/marketing/ communications firm I have ever worked with. Brandon Vazquez is the Senior Marketing Manager we deal with and he is "The Real Deal". Very knowledgeable, complete and great at following up. I highly recommend Brandon and everyone at Doctors Internet."

Kenneth Arida,

Kenneth W. Arida, DDS

"We have been very pleased with our partnership with Doctor's Internet. Our website is essentially a front door to our pratice, and they've done a fantastic job - making it easy for new & old patients to navigate. Our website would be like a billboard in the woods without their SEO efforts. Our contact, Kevin Coleman is a pleasure to work with. He's very responsive and helpful with any edits or suggestions to optimize our website."

Brian Ganley,

Dr. Brian P. Ganley Family Dentistry

"We can't express how grateful we are to have Kevin Coleman as our marketing manager. His level of professionalism is outstanding, and he is such a pleasant person to do business with. He's attentive, informative and very helpful.. accommodates any requests we have to the best of his abilities. Thank you Kevin!"

Thomas Renny,

Family Dentists

"It was a pleasure to being able to work with this company. Our team members Victoria & Jon were on top of it all, very efficient. The website turned out amazing and includes everything we asked for and was picturing it to be. Thanks again."

Kathleen Szanto,

Dental Village Associates, PC

"From the initial pitch to our company by Zachary, the professionalism and patience Danielle and the website development team managed, to the amazing engagement and support Kevin has provided, we at Emmet Dental am sure we made the right decision when selecting this company. We can and will easily recommend the Doctors Internet Company to partners within the dental community. Thank you."

Emily Korori,

Emmet Dental PC

"Doctors Internet is absolutely fabulous! The doctor had a horrible experience with a previous web developer that took the site down and held the domain at hostage...Doctors Internet found a useable domain and created a landing page within 24 hours....on a holiday! I'm incredible impressed with the professionalism, promptness and attention to detail. Special thanks to PJ and Danielle who worked tirelessly!"

Kelsey Hamilitsch,

Mastery Lab

"Kevin Coleman is a great digital marketing Manager for Doctors Internet. He is always looking out for the best interest of our practice and how we can improve it. The professionalism and responsiveness to our needs is on point! Thank you Kevin"

Brent Maxson,

Brent C. Maxson, DMD

"Doctors Internet has been very helpful in setting up our online presence. Their monitoring of our website is exceptional. Our Yelp and Google reviews have significantly increased with their help. Kevin B. has been very helpful in advising with our marketing campaigns. He always responds in a timely manner. Thank you Doctors Internet!"

Christian Lopez,

Newport Pediatric Dentistry

"Our office has been using Doctors Internet for almost a year now, and we could not be happier! The customer service they provide is amazing. Kevin B. always has great ideas, and always there if we need something done. I love our monthly meetings going over what we can improve on and what is working for the business. I cant say thank you enough to Kevin for helping our business grow!"

Jennifer Stewart Smith,

Boreing Vision

"Doctors Internet has helped me shore up areas of our practice that were previously undermanaged. They help us manage our internet footprint as well as keeping us alerted to potential guest concerns allowing us to proactively change our work flows to better serve our patient base. Lastly they have helped take our onboarding package to an electronic from which has been hugely impactful on our internal work flow. Great company and even better service."

Chad Mayer,

Allergy & Asthma Institute

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