How Digital Marketing Improves Access To Mental Health Services

With increasing numbers of people across the country actively seeking or in need of mental health services, it’s essential to improve awareness of the issues and provide greater access to care. While in the past, the challenges of finding helpful information and resources on mental health issues were complex; the Internet has made things significantly easier.

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Today, thanks to advances in technology, growing numbers of psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals are able to reach larger audiences and provide resources and care in more accessible ways.

At, we develop personalized digital strategies to help your practice reach its target audience. We improve your online visibility while providing useful information to help existing patients and prospective ones chart a path to wellness.

The following digital strategies can help your practice raise awareness of mental health issues and provide greater access to care:The following digital strategies can help your practice raise awareness of mental health issues and provide greater access to care:

Create a compassionate and meaningful online presence

As increasing numbers of people search the Internet with questions on mental health issues and care, it’s essential to establish a website and Internet presence that honestly reflects the character of your practice, the services you provide, and your dedication to patient care.

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Your website and online content need to demonstrate your deeper understanding of the issues your patients are dealing with and what you have to offer in the way of guidance, support, and care. In addition to developing content that’s sensitive, relevant, and encouraging, your website should also address common questions and concerns.

Bearing in mind that a growing number of people are using their cell phones to perform searches and view Internet information, your website must function as well on a mobile device as it does on a laptop or PC. It must also offer an excellent user experience and be easy to navigate, HIPAA compliant, secure, and offer efficient ways to contact your office for information or care.

Build awareness and establish authority in your field

For many, it takes courage to seek information and help with an emotional or mental health issue for themselves or a loved one. The more information you can provide as website content, articles, blogs, resource links, and other social media posts helps demystify emotional or behavioral problems, dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse issues, and other mental health conditions. These efforts also establish you as a source of ongoing information, an authority in your field, and a trusted partner in care.

A steady stream of relevant and important content also improves your search engine visibility, which helps online searchers find your office and the care they need.

Connect with your audience on social media

Every post on social media offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your audience and reach a larger one. Social media sites have millions of viewers, and that number is constantly growing each day. By including an active social media presence as part of an overall online marketing plan, you can expand your community while building greater awareness of mental health issues, emerging research, treatments, and the services you provide.

Social media platforms also offer an opportunity to regularly post information and responses to questions.

Use efficient and effective tools for online communication

As a dedicated mental healthcare professional, it’s essential to stay in touch with your patients and online visitors seeking information or care. With a well-thought-out email marketing plan, you can convey your ongoing support, share important developments in the field, make announcements, issue calls to action, and post office updates.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has emerged as an increasingly popular solution for the delivery of care. It gives you the ability to consult and treat patients remotely while having access to the clinical resources available during an in-office visit. Telemedicine not only enables your practice to provide essential services in a healthcare crisis, but it also helps expand the reach of your practice. For patients who may be homebound for one reason or another, telemedicine can serve as a lifeline to care.

Develop a referral network and collaborate with other mental health professionals

An effective online presence also supports professional networking, collaboration, and the provision of effective, integrated care. Establishing trusting partnerships with other mental health professionals enables you to share information on specific aspects of patient care, emerging research, and developments in the field. As these efforts support ongoing professional development and practice growth, you're also building relationships with mental health professionals specializing in different areas to send referrals outside your realm of care.

Work with a website and online marketing company you can trust

With more and more people using online searches to find healthcare answers and care, it’s essential to establish a relationship with an online marketing company that offers the special expertise your practice requires. As a company founded by healthcare professionals, is well equipped to help clients build an attractive, engaging website, a robust Internet presence, and optimize their online visibility. We develop content that accurately reflects the special character of each practice and the services it provides. We also offer clients the tools and resources to streamline office processes, maintain a full appointment book, protect their online reputation, run successful pay-per-click campaigns, and much more.

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