Marketing Tips For Practice Growth

While you may have a beautiful state-of-the-art office and provide skilled and compassionate care, to make sure your practice thrives and prospers requires ongoing marketing efforts. Practice growth and a healthy appointment book involve your dental office getting noticed! To establish a position front and center in peoples’ minds, you must maintain ongoing engagement with existing patients and capture the attention of prospective ones searching for care.

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At, we understand the critical elements of a successful formula for the digital marketplace. With an assembled team of dentists, experts in online marketing, technology, graphic design, and content development, we’re well equipped to help your office reach its target audience and enjoy measurable practice growth.

Six Marketing Tips

As experts in the field, the online marketing team at offers the following six marketing tips to raise awareness of your practice, maintain ongoing engagement, and help your office stand out from the rest:

1. Establish Relationships In Your Community

Getting involved in your community demonstrates concern for your neighbors, while allowing you to build relationships and network with the people and businesses in your area. Establishing a name and a reputation as a trusted community member raises awareness of your practice as a reliable office to turn to for care.

2. Take The Lead In Communications

The value of providing accurate and helpful information to existing patients and online visitors cannot be overstated. A timely posting on your website or another online format that offers existing and prospective patients essential information reflects well on your practice. Helpful information on new healthcare policies, trends or changes in insurance coverage, emerging research, advances in care, pandemic information, infection control procedures, and protocols are always appreciated.

3. Employ Proactive And Effective SEO Strategies

It’s essential to increase your practice’s searched engine visibility in the major search engines and across multiple social media platforms. An effective local SEO strategy helps your practice rank higher in searches and connects it with prospective patients looking for services in your geographic area. Close to 80% of consumers use search engines to find local information. For many people, a critical factor in choosing a dentist is finding a good practice close to them. It’s therefore vital to establish a strong presence in local searches.

4. Build Enthusiasm

In addition to providing a steady stream of informative, engaging, and relevant content in your healthcare specialty, you also want to build practice enthusiasm that maintains connections with current patients and captures the attention of new ones. Special offers, coupons, contests, discounts, rewards are just a few ways to get your target audience’s attention and bring more patients to your door.

5. Get Good Reviews

It’s critical to be proactive when it comes to getting reviews and establishing an online reputation that’s synonymous with quality care. Plus, a steady stream of reviews does more than validate and endorse the quality of services or products your business provides; it also enhances your online visibility as major search engines view your practice as a resource for reliable care.

6. Stay In Touch On Appointments, Recalls, And Health Matters

Let’s face it; life is hectic. Patients appreciate gentle reminders about scheduled appointments, the need for checkups, and routine care. A well-written and timed email or text message to existing patients is often all it takes to inspire contact and an appointment for care.

At, we do the online legwork so that you can focus on patient care

As a company founded by dentists, we understand just how busy a dental office can be. In addition to designing a strategy that's right for your practice, we manage every aspect of your office's online presence, freeing you up to focus on patient care. Our affordable, comprehensive, and effective digital marketing solutions will help raise your office's online profile and support the practice growth you’re looking to achieve.

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