Preserving Patient Loyalty

Seven Strategies for Patient Retention

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For healthcare practices, patient retention is not just about treating ailments; it's about fostering lasting relationships. As the healthcare marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, it's essential to continually refine and improve your strategies for retaining existing patients.

At, we offer the following online strategies and tips to help bolster patient retention and establish lasting partnerships in care:

  1. Offer the convenience of online forms, online appointment scheduling, and text message appointment reminders.
    Patients have busy lives and the more user-friendly opportunities you can offer, including online forms, easy appointment scheduling, and text or email appointment reminders, the better! Streamlining registration and appointment processes and reducing waiting room time demonstrates you value your patients' time.

  2. Develop a steady stream of engaging content for popular social media channels and other digital platforms.
    Maintaining an active online presence through a professional website and social media channels keeps your practice on every patient's radar. By using your online presence to share informative content like health tips, updates, and success stories, you establish your practice as a trusted authority in your healthcare field. It also helps to add opportunities for patient feedback and interaction.

  3. Send personalized communication to existing patients and those on your email list.
    Make every patient feel valued. Personalized communications demonstrate your practice cares about every patient.

  4. Offer telehealth services.
    Telehealth offers patients increased access to a myriad of services, including consultations and other appointments. It's also useful to patients who are homebound or have transportation issues.

  5. Consider special offers and promotions.
    You can show appreciation to existing patients, new patients, or referrals with special offers, promotions, and the like.

  6. Patient Feedback and Surveys
    Gathering patient feedback demonstrates your practice's commitment to providing exemplary service and your commitment to patient satisfaction. It's essential to act on any constructive criticism and to showcase practice improvements.

  7. Educational Webinars and Workshops
    Educational webinars, workshops, and the like help establish your healthcare practice as a trusted source of information. They empower patients with knowledge for making well-informed healthcare decisions and take positive steps to improve self-care.
Establishing lasting partnerships in care

In a world driven by connectivity, healthcare practices must leverage digital and online strategies to retain their patient base. By combining a seamless digital experience with exemplary service, personalized communication, special offers, and educational outreach, healthcare providers can bolster patient retention, strengthen relationships built on trust, and establish lasting partnerships in care.

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