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About DoctorsInternet

The image is a logo for  Doctors Internet,  featuring a stylized graphic of a network signal and the text  in a modern font, along with a tagline that reads  Helping local patients find you. (DI) is a company founded and operated by dentists which helps a dental practice manage their entire online presence in order to help that practice acquire new patients from those local potential patients searching for dental services online.

DI provides many services that help improve a dental practice’s search performance, website and reputation. In addition, DI provides services to help a dental office run more efficiently and profitably.

DI can work with a dental practice’s current website or DI can build a practice a new state-of-the-art website. There are no upfront fees and reasonable monthly charges. Among the services provided by DI are:

The image displays a computer monitor showing a website with a family photo, accompanied by a tablet and a smartphone on a desk. State of the Art Website Design
A hand pointing to a tablet screen displaying a search bar with the word  search  highlighted, against a blurred background of what appears to be a wooden floor. Advanced SEO
A woman typing on a laptop with a digital display showing a 5-star rating and the number  6 . Review Generation & Monitoring
The image features a collection of smart home devices, including a smart speaker, a security camera, and other gadgets, displayed on a background with various logos that represent different brands or services. Online Directory Management
Hand holding a smartphone displaying a list of health-related services on a white background. HIPAA Compliant Forms
The image shows a hand holding a smartphone displaying a social media feed with various posts and icons. Social Media Management
A woman sitting at a desk using a laptop, with books and a notebook nearby. Monthly Blogging
The image displays a digital graphic with multiple location pins on a map, each connected by lines to form a network or web, suggesting connectivity or location services. Google/Bing Maps Optimization
A hand holding a smartphone displaying a virtual meeting interface with a profile picture of a person and icons for video, audio, and sharing. Call Tracking
The image shows a computer screen with a Google Chrome browser open, displaying a webpage with a headline that reads  reach customers when it matters.  Below the headline is a graphic design element with a blue background and white text that says  Google ads.  The overall style of the image suggests an informational or educational context related to digital marketing strategies. Google & Facebook Ads
A digital collage of a diverse group of people, possibly professionals, standing side by side with various expressions and attire, set against a purple background. Dedicated Marketing Manager
A collection of six open magazines with visible text, showcasing a variety of articles and images on their pages. Email Marketing

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Testimonials & Reviews

Services & Packages

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The image displays a logo with the text  2021 Grow with Google  and below that, additional text reads  High Impact Partner.  It includes a badge or emblem with a checkmark and the words  Grow with Google  in a stylized font. The background is white, and there s a watermark at the bottom right corner with a partial view of a person s hands holding a tablet.

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