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Our Call Tracking service offers valuable metrics on new patient leads and the success of your online presence.

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Know that Your Marketing Works

How will you know that our Internet marketing services and strategies are working for your office? With our online call tracking feature, your office will be able to review all phone calls and contacts that originate from your office's website as well as get a clear picture of which online marketing strategies are most effective.

Know The Number of "New Patient" Phone Calls Your Online Presence Generates

With our call tracking services, you'll know just how many phone calls you receive through your website's phone number, as well as how many of these contacts are from new patients reaching out to your office for the first time. Seamlessly integrated with your existing phone system, this valuable service greets all inbound callers from your website number with a brief, friendly welcoming message. By prompting new patients to select extension one and existing patients to choose option two, our call tracking service provides real-time data on new patient leads.

Learn More About Your Audience As Well As Call Traffic Patterns

Every time an inbound call gets received through your website call tracking number, our call tracking service also records the telephone number, time of call, duration, origin, source, and extension. Beyond distinguishing the number of new patient contacts your online presence generates, call tracking provides valuable information on the demographics and reach of your practice. It demonstrates which local audiences your practice attracts as well as where you may want to refine or expand your online marketing efforts.

How To Improve Front Desk Call Management & Optimize Engagement With New Patients

Because every inbound call your practice receives from your dedicated tracking number gets recorded and stored for 30 days, you can go back and listen to any patient call within the last month. This feature makes it's easier than ever before to locate and return missed calls, review conversations with patients, or verify that every patient call is being handled with care. Considering that close to 50% of potential new patients are lost due to poor interactions with the front desk staff, our call tracking service provides you with an opportunity to work with your office team on creating positive, engaging, and informative contact conversations.

Helpful Information To Orchestrate Your Next Action

Because our call tracking service provides valuable information on the demographics of your online audience, lead generation, and conversion rates, we're able to measure the success of your online marketing plan. Knowing which strategies, including which PPC keywords and campaigns are achieving the best outcomes for your practice, allows us to make refinements and orchestrate your next action.

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