You might say that noone uses Bing, but Bing is one of the popular search engines today. It’s also a powerful tool in the field of digital marketing and advertising. It can help doctors in their practices, especially in advertising campaigns (Microsoft advertising formerly known as Bing Ads). Many medical advertisers ignore Bing for their marketing strategy, leaving it completely means missing out on thousands of potential patients.

Google is the main priority for the SEO industry claiming over 70% of desktop searches and 89 of mobile searches. However, your marketing strategy should not ignore Bing, the second-largest search engine. There are people who tend to use one or the other, which means doctors who ignore Bing are missing out on new prospective patients. While the section of the search market is currently small, it’s actually bigger than you know and it’s improving every year. It’s definitely worth a try to invest in Bing marketing ads to reach other potential patients.

Microsoft Ads Reach Prospect Patients that Google Can’t 

Bing is used in 1 out of 3 US desktop searches. The default search engine for windows is Bing as well as other Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As a matter of fact, it can reach 50 million users which google can't do. If your competitors are targeting Google ads, that means you have an opportunity to reach out to prospective patients who are not on google. Moreover, Bing ads can also appear on Yahoo, AOL, Amazon, Skype, and Outlook.

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Why Use Microsoft Ads or Bing?

It’s true that Bing is considered a second-choice search engine, but there are many advantages of using Microsoft ads, one of these is the huge amount of unique users in the market. While it may seem like Bing has no users at all, the reality is about 35% of searches come from It. With over a million users on Bing, it has more than enough search traffic to carry its own. Here are some good reasons why you need to use Microsoft Ads.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Ads for Doctors

Market Share is Huge

Bing’s market share is quoted at around 9%, but in the USA, about 33% of searches are equivalent to billions of search queries in the search engine every year. The statistic may be confusing given that Google holds a majority of the searches. So far Bing enjoyed continuous growth. As a matter of fact, aside from having a part in Microsoft Cortana’s voice assistant, its UI is built to be more visual compared to Google. The display alongside the search results provides a high-quality image experience both for IOS and android users.

Offers High CTR

Compared to Google, Bing offers a high CTR of about 50% across all types of industries including health and wellness. Bing maintained a good 3% CTR for the health and wellness category. The high CTR can be allocated to its smart ad placement and text ads, which effectively attract customers more than the google search ads. Moreover, it offers more demographic targeting which increases the effectiveness of the ads.

Return on Investment is Way Better

Bing can deliver a better CTR at the lowest cost per click. Medical field marketers started to gain this advantage. The average CPC in the health industry is around $2 on Google but it’s only around $1.70 on Bing. This can save you 35% which means getting a higher ROI as quickly as possible.

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Less Competition on Bing

If you haven’t decided to extend your digital marketing strategy, it’s time for you to consider Bing. Having doubts about your decision? You are not alone. Keep in mind that Bing society is less crowded than Google ads. The competition in google is huge, hard, and overwhelming. Potential patients are more likely to click a competitor’s ad before they can see yours.

Since there are only a few people who advertise on Bing, it’s easier to be in control and dominate the platform especially if you are targeting locally or a specific niche. An oral surgeon in Connecticut may be the only one in that location who advertises on Bing, giving him all the attention of Bing users. Continuing disregarding Bing in your marketing strategy means giving up the chance to acquire potential patients. 

If you are used to Google and not having a second thought to get started on Bing, it’s just an easy transition. Recently, Microsoft has built a feature that allows easy synchronization with the Google ads account. Get in touch with Doctor’s Internet office to place your healthcare platform in front of new potential patients looking for the best medical service in town.

Use Universal Events Tracking (UTM) System

When you start running ads in Microsoft, you can see various business-specific measures. Some of these metrics are connected to brand awareness, lead generation, subscription from the ads, application downloads, sales, engagement, and return customers.

This tracking system is a tool for advertisers to report unusual user activity on their site to Microsoft ads. This is accomplished by installing a tag that records the activity of the customers on your website. The Microsoft ads then collect the information allowing you to track purchases or leads and even collect target audiences using remarketing lists.

Expanded Network Search

Microsoft ads are making their platform user-friendly. Their search network is the most important part of making this possible. Microsoft search network is rebuilt with user-friendly technology for powering the devices, apps, and websites that are usually visited and used by customers.

Microsoft Ad Campaigns

Microsoft campaigns allow advertisers to manage bids, organize, and report product ads. Product ads are built from the content of your catalogs and also include images, promotional text, pricing, and seller information. You can use the following attributes from your feed to choose the specific products you want to include in any product group:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • The condition
  • Merchant Product ID
  • Customized label;

You can use various Microsoft ads campaign attributes to limit your group.

AI Expertise Like LinkedIn

Microsoft ads are not using AI in advertising to analyze audience behavior according to the intent data and user interaction. Helping advertisers to have a safe environment, AI technology uses new product enhancements to be able to see the number of impressions, image uploads, and management system updates to better use quality images easier. It offers a powerful visualization tool for data ads known as Microsoft graph. This consists of information for search and website activities including LinkedIn data.

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Where Can You start?

Microsoft ads indeed offer many benefits, but just like any other marketing campaign, it requires hard work, attention, and patience. The more time you spend on ad groups, the better your campaign will be successful. So work on a profitable campaign by creating and managing a lot of ad groups. We understand that this is very time-consuming.

We know how the ROI of Microsoft ads is achievable, and we offer this type of service to include this platform too. With Doctor Internet, you can get complete adjusted campaigns on any advertising platform including Microsoft ads. We can automate your account management to give you more time to do your other activities. Reach out to us and make sure to get the most out of Microsoft Ads campaigns from the start.

Consider Microsoft Ads for Your Medical Marketing Strategy

It’s completely to your medical field’s advantage to start running a Microsoft ads campaign. The patients you’ve been eager to establish a connection with could be waiting to find a service you provide, so don’t keep them waiting.

To get started with your Microsoft Ads campaign, contact Doctor’s Internet today.

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