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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to create effective marketing campaigns targeting local audiences interested in the services you offer. With Pay-Per-Click advertising, whenever a user searches for a certain term relevant to your business, your ad appears at the very top of the results page. As an online marketing strategy, AdWords offer a great way to drive instant traffic to your website and more patients to your door.

Why Pay-Per-Click?

While SEO is vital to achieving top placement in the search engine results, it's a long-term process. You need to produce a lot of high-quality, original content and build multiple backlinks to your website. Even with that said, it still takes some time to build the necessary authority needed to achieve a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). Whether you've just built a website for your practice or are looking for an instant way to bring prospective patients to your current site, a Google Ads campaign managed by the PPC experts at gets the results you want.

What Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Do Best:

  • Optimize your advertising budget with a targeted approach
  • Achieve guaranteed and immediate page one results
  • Reach your local audience
  • Improve your online visibility in organic searches
  • Generate new patient leads to grow your practice
  • Offer campaign-specific analytics that measure success and ROI

Why Hire To Manage Your Google Ads Campaign?

Google Ads is a sophisticated system with lots of moving parts. It involves a highly complex auction-style environment where advertisers competitively bid on keywords. It's very easy for someone unfamiliar with Google Ads to become lost and confused when navigating the interface, placing bids, or understanding the language and terms involved in this endeavor. At, our PPC specialists have run successful Google Ads as well as Bing Ads campaigns for many clients. You can rely upon our vast experience and demonstrated record of success to help you establish a campaign, set a budget, track new patient calls, and see positive practice growth!

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