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Much like a person's smile, your website in one of the first things people notice about your dental practice! Winning online dental marketing strategies begin with an attractive, engaging, and well-integrated website design.

How to establish an online dental presence that brings more patients to your door? The answer is simple. Let the pros at create a custom dental website and digital marketing strategy that helps your dental practice grow.

Custom Dental Websites

Here at, we believe that function and form should come together to create a beautiful web experience for each and every Dentist. Utilizing the latest technology and styles, our Dental Website Designs are state of the art and optimized to run quickly and smoothly on any device. Whether you have your entire site planned out or are starting from scratch, our team of expert designers will assist you in creating the perfect page for your practice every step of the way. Everything from colors, menus, images, and more can be customized and tweaked to produce the web experience that best represents you and your business. On top of that, all of our websites utilize responsive layouts. This feature means that our dental websites will automatically resize and adjust to provide the optimal experience for any screen, no matter the visitor's device.

Award-Winning Support

Unhappy with your color choice? Need to update information on your site? Not a problem! At, we offer unlimited edits to your website. Simply contact our award-winning support team at any time, for prompt attention and care. While our competitors typically charge for per edit, we offer this service absolutely free. We believe your website should reflect your vision. We partner with you to ensure that every aspect of your online presence fulfills your expectations and meets your online marketing goals.

Rock Solid Performance

All of our dental websites are hosted on our robust servers, offering 99.9% uptime for your site. Your patients can count on having all your website information at their fingertips, no matter what. By coupling this level of reliability with the free domain name we purchase for your practice, the result is a consistently high performing website that functions beautifully day in and day out.

Rather than simply designing your website and walking away, we're here to build a long-lasting partnership with you. You can count on the team at to stand by your side every step of the way, ensuring you see the results you set out to achieve.

Dental Internet Marketing

At, creating a cohesive and all-encompassing web presence for Dentists is our specialty. Founded by Dentists,, we know just what it takes to elevate your online footprint to the next level. Every dental practice is unique, and we provide personalized solutions to address your online marketing needs. From custom-tailored SEO strategies to individualized social media management, is a one-stop destination for dental internet marketing. Offering an ever-expanding range of services such as Business Listings, Search Engine Submissions, Google Maps Optimization, Reputation Management and more, we are always working to improve your web presence and bring new patients through your door.

Unique Dental Blogs and Content has a dedicated team of experienced healthcare writers creating original, compelling, and informative content for each client. From descriptions of services and technology to blogs, social media posts, and more, we develop relevant content that engages online visitors while helping to get your website to page one in Google searches.

The Successful Elements of Website Design

You can trust the experts at to create a website that gets results!

  • Blending content and design to create a welcoming ambiance, while reflecting your dental expertise and what makes your dental practice special
  • Developing a design that's easy to navigate and integrates text, imagery, and video for a seamless and satisfying online experience
  • Providing a website that answers common questions, motivates action, and inspires online visitors and prospective patients to contact your office
  • Includes content that's accessible, easy to understand, and engages
  • Offers valuable information to your target audiences
  • Features responsive design and looks as good on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC

By creating state-of-the-art websites, providing around the clock support, and developing individualized marketing solutions, gives dentists everything they need to catapult their practice to the front page of online searches. Best of all, these amazing services are available in a convenient, low-cost package.

Best Award winning Dental Websites of 2020

Wondering what makes a dental website great in 2020? We're here to provide you with some insight. Take a look through our five best dental websites of the year for practices around the country, explore their features, and learn about various ways you can improve your own practice's website.

Concerned Dental Care

As a multi-specialty practice with ten offices across the New York metropolitan area, each location is well equipped to serve the dental needs of patients of all ages. From Family & Cosmetic Dentistry as well as Pediatric Dentistry to Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, this practice provides a full spectrum of care. As visitors navigate through this website, they'll find readily accessible information about each location and an abundance of special offers.

Visit Concerned Dental Care

DiStefano Family Dentistry

The extreme personalization of the site for DiStefano Family Dentistry definitely helps set this practice apart from their competitors! When a prospective patient first navigates to the site, they are greeted with a large video banner that gives a behind the scenes look of what they can expect from the very second they arrive at the office. Social media icons and contact information are prominently displayed at the top of the page, allowing site visitors to easily connect with the practice in real time. Lastly, the block menu tabs provide clear, easy navigation through the site's pages.

Visit DiStefano Family Dentistry

Wisconsin Dental Wellness

This dental office in Deforest, Wisconsin went for a website that feels both sleek and modern. Large photos of the doctor and the office on the homepage give potential patients a look into the experience at the practice. Additionally, there is a section highlighting three prominent areas of service at the practice: Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, and Orthodontics. This immediately alerts users that this practice is geared towards more than just general dentistry and can help treat them with their advanced needs.

Visit Wisconsin Dental Wellness

New Day Dentistry

New Day Dentistry has five locations throughout Colorado and their website helps you find the one most convenient to you by spotlighting each of the practices in a section on their homepage. This site also features a large video banner that gives potential patients an idea of what the doctors and practice are like, which many people find comforting prior to attending their appointments. Additionally, the homepage prominently features a large reviews carousel where those viewing the site can read real feedback from existing patients! Another excellent marketing feature of the site is the call-to-action button that appears on the homepage video, prompting any potential patients to get in contact with the practice.

Visit New Day Dentistry

Azadeh Akhavan, DDS

This dental office is located in New York City and you're immediately made aware of that on the homepage of the site! The address is displayed at the very top of the website and large scale images of the city are also featured. Right beneath the banner, there are three square buttons which direct prospective patients to important areas of the site: the New Patients page, the Appointment page, and the Reviews page. This doesn't leave the site user searching all over to find the things that are likely most important to them. The site also lays out the practice's area of expertise right on the homepage so that a patient knows what they specialize in without having to do in-depth research to figure it out.

Visit Azadeh Akhavan, DDS

If you're tired of promises and looking for results, contact As a company founded by dentists, we know just how to put your practice front and center in local searches! We've helped thousands of dentists nationwide increase their patient base, and we're confident we can do the same for you!

At, we enjoy talking about our services and all the ways we can help your practice grow. Whether you have a question, comment, or need more information, we’re here for you. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, and a member of our support team will get back in touch with you shortly.

As experts in website and digital marketing solutions for healthcare practices and related business, we’ve helped thousands of clients across the country achieve online success. We’re confident we can do the same for you!


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