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Establishing a thriving healthcare practice requires a well-planned approach to marketing and building a network of referral sources. In today's competitive marketplace, it's essential to be proactive.

In addition to providing your practice with digital strategies for success, the experts at offer the following advice for building referral sources:

  1. Long-term success depends on good planning.

    Building a referral base that provides a steady stream of new patients involves planning. Determine which healthcare practices in your community represent a potential source of referrals for your office. Also, decide how to reach out to these practices and who will represent your office in these efforts.

    Even in the digital age, personal introductions via a meeting, email, or phone call go a long way in building a foundation for referrals and trusting partnerships in care.

  2. Establish a presence in your community.

    To help build greater awareness and trust in your practice, it’s also helpful to demonstrate your commitment to your community. As time permits, it’s nice to lend your support to local organizations, professional societies, charity events, and the like.

  3. Maximize referral efficiency and ease with technology.

    Today, technology continues to streamline the referral process and make everything about it more efficient. Your office must have the technology and your staff the know-how to make the electronic referral process smooth and seamless.

  4. Communication is the key to successful partnerships in care.

    Get back to referring physicians in a timely fashion. Let your medical colleague know the patient was seen. Also, inform them of your findings and your plan of care. Your office team must also notify you and promptly respond to referring physicians' inquiries.

  5. Analyze your referral base.

    Look at your referral sources. Is your best one growing or shrinking? Is there something your practice can do to stimulate more referrals from your best sources? Is there something you can do to make less active referral sources more productive? While you've worked hard to establish a referral network, it's equally important to continue nurturing and maintaining it. Look to feedback to provide ways you can further enhance trust and confidence in your practice.

  6. Establish an online reputation that’s synonymous with quality care.

    The importance of an excellent online reputation cannot be overstated! Prospective patients and referral sources pay attention to your online reputation. Building positive reviews while appropriately handling any negative comments can make all the difference between getting new patient referrals and not seeing the practice growth you'd like.

  7. Develop your brand and improve your visibility in online searches

    At, we understand the digital strategies needed to establish a successful online presence. We offer expert, customized solutions to drive traffic to your website and bring new patients to your door.

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