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According to statistics, healthcare is one of the most widely searched areas across the Internet. As astonishing as it sounds, across the globe, more than a billion health and healthcare-related questions and online searches get asked and conducted each day.

With these numbers in mind, it’s clear that a well-crafted online newsletter offers significant marketing value. For healthcare professionals today, online newsletters represent an excellent way to promote their practices and engage current patients and prospective new ones in a meaningful, productive, and ongoing way.

Here are four ways periodic online newsletters can help boost your practice’s online presence, drive traffic to your website, and motivate contacts for care:
  1. Establish Credibility & Trust Crafting newsletters that contain compelling information that’s relevant, knowledgeable, and current helps your practice establish credibility and authority in your field. By becoming a trusted resource, you can promote traffic to your website and motivate contacts for care.
  2. Enhance Patient Engagement Informative newsletters help to build relationships and foster a strong connection with your practice. Communicating regularly with existing patients and prospective new ones, keeps them engaged with your practice and up to date on your new services, technology, healthcare tips, recommendations, and more.
  3. Educate and Enlighten Newsletters provide a platform to educate patients on various health topics, preventive measures, healthcare research, and trends. By sharing valuable information and insights into care, newsletters can help patients make well-informed decisions and be more proactive about their health.
  4. Promote Services and Special Offers A newsletter offers practices an effective channel to showcase their services, highlight new treatments or procedures, and promote special offers or discounts. It’s also a great channel to remind people when it’s time for care. Newsletters represent a great place to feature information on a National Health Awareness Month or things like Back to School Checkups.
Maximizing the benefits

The most effective ways to increase organic website traffic with newsletters are to aim for topics of interest and craft content that’s concise, engaging, and well-formatted. Remember to compliment your newsletter text with relevant and visually appealing imagery.

At Doctors Internet, we know just how to craft digital content that captures attention and conveys the right message. We offer integrated solutions and the leading digital marketing strategies you need to boost your online presence and establish your practice as a trusted resource for information and care!

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