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Patient Communication

Keeping in contact with your existing patients is an effective way to generate recall and follow up appointments. In addition, it is a great way to let your patients know about new technology you are using, special offers and any other information you want to share with them. It is also important to let new and existing patients fill out forms online both to fulfill infection control protocols and for office efficiency. The more that you keep your patients in the loop the more likely they are to continue using your practice for years and years to come. Regular communication will also make your patients more likely to refer their friends and family to your office.

Save Office Time

We understand it's hectic running a healthcare practice and that your front desk has lots to do. Whether on the phone, speaking with patients, or dealing with paperwork, these multiple tasks are time-consuming. However, there is good news. By using our patient communication systems, your staff doesn't need to spend countless hours on the phone confirming appointments, calling about checkups, or dealing with patient forms. Our emails, texts and HIPAA-compliant online forms make everything easier and more efficient, thereby freeing valuable office time for other tasks.

Manage Appointment Book

A full appointment book and a patient schedule that runs smoothly are essential for the success of a healthcare practice. However, patients have active, busy lives and often forget about an appointment or that it's time for a checkup. Our text messaging system and emails provide your patients with the friendly reminders they need to confirm an upcoming visit or inform them it's time for their next appointment. The results are tangible. Your office will experience fewer "no-shows" and see more patients returning for care.

Motivate Action

In addition to increasing your online visibility, our digital marketing strategies are also designed to motivate action and inspire new patients to contact your office. While our text messaging system and emails are incredibly useful in terms of patient reminders, they also offer a fast, effective way to reach patients with important announcements, special offers, information on new procedures and services, or request valuable feedback and reviews.

Reach A Larger Audience

The great thing about our email management and texting services is that we give you both the tools and the content to reach out to as few or as many people as you like. As you build your online audience and your contact list grows, so does your ability to establish ongoing communication with a larger audience. Whether or not you're communicating with a current, former, or prospective patient, staying in touch in engaging and informative ways keeps your practice front and center in people's minds.

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