Optical Newsletter Portfolio

Newsletters are a great way to reach out to your existing patients. Your digital marketing manager will blast out a newsletter for you to your entire patient list with your office's logo/letterhead. Choose from any of the newsletters in our portfolio below. We will do all the work!

The image displays a collage of magazine covers with various texts and images, including one that reads  Setting Sights on Eye Health .
The image is a screenshot of a webpage featuring an article titled  EYE ALLERGY INSIGHTS  with a subtitle that reads  Acting our eyes to the limit . It includes a photograph of a person using eye drops, accompanied by text discussing the use of eye drops and their potential side effects. The image also includes a graphic of a person s eye with an allergy symptom, which is labeled as  Allergy Symptoms  and includes a red eye, itchiness, and sneezing.

Eye Allergies

The image is a screenshot of a webpage with a dark background and text that reads  Setting Your Sights on Eye Health.  It features a stylized graphic of a person s eye, which is the main focus of the image.

Eye Health

The image is a screenshot of a webpage with an article title  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MACULAR DEGENERATION  and includes text, images, and a person holding a magnifying glass.

Macular Degeneration

The image appears to be an advertisement for an eye care service, featuring a woman and child in an optician s setting.

Sense of Sight

The image is a graphic with text that reads  UNDERSTANDING ASTIGMATISM  and includes an illustration of a person holding a pair of glasses in front of their face. The text below the title provides information about astigmatism, including its causes, symptoms, and how it is diagnosed.


The image is a screenshot of a digital advertisement or informational graphic, featuring a close-up photograph of a human eye with a blue iris. Overlaid on the image are texts and a logo that appear to be related to an organization or service offering  Refractive Errors  solutions. The text at the top reads  Focusing on Refractive Errors,  followed by a subheading in smaller font,  Auburn Eye Care.  Below this, there s a list of bullet points with explanations about refractive errors and their causes, such as genetics, aging, and eye strain. The design is professional, with a color scheme that includes shades of blue, white, and orange.

Refractive Errors

The image is a screenshot of a webpage with a header that reads  What You Need To Know About Dry Eye  and includes a photograph of a person wearing sunglasses, looking upwards, and holding their hand to their face as if they are shielding their eyes from the sun. Below the photo, there s text that provides information about dry eye, which is described as being caused by various factors such as aging, contact lens wear, and other conditions. The website address  is also visible at the bottom of the image.

Dry Eye

The image displays a digital newsletter with a photograph of a child in the background, wearing glasses and sitting in front of what appears to be a colorful display. In the foreground, there is text overlaying the image that reads  NEWSLETTER  in bold letters at the top, followed by  Seeing to your Child s Vision Care  in smaller font. Below this headline, additional text states,  A great parent knows when to seek help for their child s vision.  The text is accompanied by a graphic of a pair of glasses with a rainbow design and a small image of an eye exam chart. The overall style of the image suggests a promotional or informational purpose, likely related to children s eye health and care.

Children's Vision

The image is a screenshot of an informational poster or advertisement with the title  Cornaeal Abbrasions  Causes, Symptoms and Treatment.  It features a man looking distressed with his hand to his face, a close-up photograph of a person s eye with visible abrasion, and text that provides information about the condition. The style is informative and designed to be educational or promotional for medical services related to eye health.

Corneal Abrasions

The image is a screenshot of a webpage featuring an informative article about orthokeratology. It includes a title  What is Orthokeratology   and a subtitle  Orthokeratology.  The content appears to be educational, discussing the benefits of class IV orthokeratology for people with dry eyes, as well as providing information on the different types of orthokeratology lenses available. The page also includes a call to action encouraging readers to book an appointment with their optometrist if they are interested in learning more about orthokeratology.


The image is a screenshot of a webpage featuring an article titled  Shedding Some Light on Night Blindness.

Night Blindness

The image is a screenshot of a webpage with an article headline that reads  Taking a Look at Photokeratitis.  It features a photograph of a person looking upwards and to the side, possibly at the sun or sky. The person appears to be wearing sunglasses and has their eyes closed, suggesting they might be squinting or shielding their eyes from bright sunlight. The background is blurred but seems to show an outdoor setting with natural light, which could indicate a focus on eye health in relation to sun exposure.


The image is a digital graphic with a focus on healthcare and retinal health. It features a close-up of an eye, a human face in profile view, and text that reads  FOCUSING ON RETINAL HEALTH  along with additional information about the content of the graphic.

Retinal Health

An image of a webpage with text that reads  Your Aging Eyes  and includes an article about the importance of regular eye exams for maintaining good vision, emphasizing the need to adapt to changes in vision and lifestyle as one ages.

Aging Eyes

The image is a screenshot of a webpage featuring an article titled  EYE EXAMS AND GUARDING AGAINST GLAUCOMA.  It shows a person wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope, examining a patient s eye with a device that appears to be a slit lamp. The background includes a microscope and other medical equipment. The text on the page discusses the importance of regular eye examinations for glaucoma detection and prevention.


The image is a digital advertisement featuring a woman in the foreground looking at her nails, with text overlaid that reads  What are floaters  If you seem to have something out of the blue you have specks in your field of vision.


Get Started!

The image displays a logo with the text  2021 Grow with Google  and below that, additional text reads  High Impact Partner.  It includes a badge or emblem with a checkmark and the words  Grow with Google  in a stylized font. The background is white, and there s a watermark at the bottom right corner with a partial view of a person s hands holding a tablet.

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