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August 31, 2020

Google, Yahoo and Bing Local Maps

With Google now handling over thirty times as many local business searches as the Yellow Pages, getting your company listed by Google has become incredibly crucial.

Are you a medical professional looking to rake in new patients? What do you need to do to stand out from the local competition? By optimizing your Google Maps listing (also known as Google Places), you will increase visibility and reach to local patients that are looking for a practice exactly like yours. Google maps is a vital and powerful tool that works with the google search engine results to rapidly guide users to the perfect business, as well as service providers based on their current location and specific search they looked for.

Why Google Maps is Vital to your Business

Now more than ever, patients are using Google to find local businesses and services that are perfect for them. When searching for a Doctor, over 60% of users who search on Google look through the maps listings first. This is even more prevalent with the rise of cell phones, as voice assisted searches such as Siri and Google Now primarily use Google Maps when displaying results. Covering about 30% of the first page of Google results, showing up on maps is a vital component to creating a well-rounded and effective online presence for your practice.

What is Google Maps Optimization?

The ultimate goal with our Google Maps Optimization service is to ensure that local patients are finding their way to your practice. In order to achieve that, we work on several different areas. First and foremost, we make sure that your maps listing is completely up to date. This includes the correct address, listings, and other information. Next we will flesh out your listing with great unique content. Images, descriptions, and posts tailored specifically to your practice and client base will be regularly made to show Google that you are active and engaged. This builds reputation with Google, resulting in higher maps placement, and more patients coming through your front door!

The Bottom Line

At Doctors Internet, our marketing experts will work with you to create the perfect maps listing that suites your practice, and the people you would like to reach. With a properly optimized maps listing, your business will be front and center to the patients that are trying to find you. Contact us today and let us catapult your local practice towards the top of Google searches!

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