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In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, Ad Retargeting represents a valuable tool for helping healthcare practices increase their conversion rates and ROI. By targeting online searchers who have already visited your website, Ad Retargeting builds brand awareness and helps to keep your practice front and center in prospective patients’ minds.

Ad retargeting uses cookies to display ads to previous website visitors as they continue to browse the Internet.

Ad retargeting provides online searchers with a reminder of their initial interest in your practice. As your practice’s ads continue to appear across the Internet, the repeated exposure builds increasing familiarity with your office and the services you provide. This growing relationship encourages return website visits and helps promote new patient conversion rates.

How Ad Retargeting Works

  • Ad retargeting works by placing a tracking pixel on your practice’s website

  • When a visitor comes to the website, the tracking pixel places a cookie on their browser— allowing the practice to identify and track the visitor as they navigate the Internet.

  • With this information, your practice can display targeted ads on Facebook, Google and other associated platforms or websites.

  • The Benefits of Ad Retargeting are Clear!

  • Increases Brand Awareness
    Brand awareness plays a vital role in online success. It helps your audience get to know your practice, get more familiar with your services, and increase the chance that they will choose your office for care.

  • Provides Market Insights
    Ad retargeting helps you get to know and understand your market. It helps you figure out who is genuinely interested in your services and how to tailor your strategies to appeal to their needs

  • Increases Conversion Rate
    The numbers speak for themselves. Only 2% of first-time visitors to any website convert on average. Yet, encouraging customers to come back to your website through retargeting, you boost the chances of conversion.

  • Improves Your ROI
    With ad retargeting you can use data in which audiences have already shown interest. In this way, you can reduce your budget by better focusing your marketing dollars.

  • Strategies and Platforms that Spell Success

    As the world’s leading search engine and the platform commonly used for remarking campaigns, Google reaches over 90% of Internet users worldwide. With ad retargeting through the Google Display Network, previous website visitors will continue to see your ads while browsing websites within this network and watching YouTube videos.

    Facebook also offers an excellent platform for ad retargeting. When Meta Pixel is enabled, it allows you to publish retargeting ads that remind visitors on Facebook and Instagram about your practice and services. You can then monitor conversions in your Ads Manager to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    In addition to the above platforms, you can also take advantage of remarketing ads with Microsoft Advertising—delivering your message to previous visitors searching on Microsoft Bing and/or Yahoo.

    In a nutshell, including ad retargeting in your marketing arsenal will ultimately allow you to maximize your marketing budget and increase your chances of success in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

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