A Guide To Digital Marketing In Dentistry

Today, expanding your patient base and ensuring practice growth involves establishing a successful online presence. While years ago, prospective patients relied upon personal recommendations, the Yellow pages, and other forms of print advertising, consumers now look to the Internet.

With close to 80% of consumers searching for healthcare providers on major search engines like Google, dental practices require intelligent, well-planned, and wisely implemented strategies to reach their goals in the digital marketplace.

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At, we know just what it takes to bring your practice to the attention of patients searching for care. As a company founded by dentists for healthcare professionals and related businesses, we combine the expertise of having run dental practices with the talents and skills of experienced experts in technology, online marketing, graphic design, and content development. We offer affordable and successful online marketing solutions that will put your practice front and center in local searches and bring more new patients to your office for care! As a client, you’ll also experience an unparalleled level of customer service and dedication to your online success.

Key Ingredients For A Successful Online Presence

Bringing your practice to the attention of prospective patients searching for care requires the following ingredients:

A strong web presence

To capture online visitors' attention and rank well in searches, your website and online content must be attractive, compelling, and relevant. You also need to be active across multiple social media platforms, accurately listed in online directories and optimized in Google Maps.

Optimized For Mobile Search

With consumers spending an ever-increasing amount of time on their smartphones and using voice-based searches, it’s essential to have a website and online content that’s mobile-friendly. Every website we build is designed to work on all popular devices, including your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, or other devices.

Highly Effective Local SEO

Close to 80% of consumers use search engines to find local information. For many people, a critical factor in choosing a dentist is finding a good practice close to them. It’s therefore vital to establish a strong presence in local searches. An effective local SEO strategy helps your practice rank higher in searches and connects it with prospective patients looking for services in your geographic area.

Pay-per-click advertising

The best way to supplement organic SEO traffic and see immediate results in terms of online visibility and page one rankings is with targeted Pay-Per-Click ads. To optimize your success and maximize your ROI, we assign your practice a dedicated team of experts to formulate and manage your Google Adwords, Facebook, and ad retargeting campaigns.

Online reviews

According to statistics, close to half of all new patients consider online reviews when choosing a dental office for care. Building positive reviews while appropriately handling any negative comments can make all the difference between getting new patients and not seeing the practice growth you'd like. And, the value of a good review doesn’t end there– positive posts about a patient’s experience in your office also improves your visibility and ranking in local searches.

Providing Online Marketing Solutions And The Tools For Success

While the above seems like a lot to think about, with help from the experts at, you can focus your energies on patient care and allow us to establish a successful online presence for you. We're constantly measuring and evaluating each strategy's effectiveness and adjusting it as needed to improve your ROI.

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At, we’re dedicated to your success! In addition to bringing new patients to your door with an effective online presence, we also offer practice management guidance, apps designed to help ensure your appointment book is full, and the communication technology to engage with patients in an efficient and seamless manner.

Our online marketing solutions and practice management tools have helped thousands of dentists and healthcare professionals across the country see measurable business growth. We’re confident we can do the same for you!

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