Podiatry Website Design

Mobile-Enhanced Medical Websites

Today, it is a simple fact of life that most people are very attached to their mobile devices. In fact, a great deal of web browsing today occurs on smart phones rather than actual computers. If you are looking to take your podiatry website to the next level, you should speak to the podiatry website design experts here at Doctor’s Internet to learn about making your practice’s website what is referred to as “mobile enhanced.” Think about it: when most prospective patients are searching for a podiatrist in the area, there is a high probability that their searching and browsing will be done on their smart phone.

Trying to view a regular website on a mobile phone can be frustrating and lead to your prospective patient to move on to another website, and another doctor. Our podiatry website designexperts can protect you from losing clients that way, and can encourage the growth of your practice by making your practice’s website enhanced for mobile devices. This simple alteration to your website makes it so that the site can sense the size of the screen that it is being viewed on, and adjust as necessary to make your website as easy to navigate as possible on the device your prospective patient is viewing. The website visitor will also be able to toggle from regular to mobile view so that they can choose whichever option they prefer and that makes their browsing as convenient as possible. Prospective patients truly appreciate these small details, because the come together to form the impression that your practice is set apart from the competition in its quality of care for patients.

If you would like to learn more about the podiatry website design services, including mobile enhancement and others, provided by the experts here at Doctor’s Internet, we encourage you to visit our main website to see some additional information or call us at 800-416-5235 to speak to one of our marketing executives.

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International Vision Expo East in New York

Optometrist Website Design

Doctor’s Internet is proud to be a part of the 2014 International Vision Expo & Conference taking place later this month at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Whether you’re an optician, an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, you should be sure to sign up to attend this amazing vision show which runs from March 26th through March 30th. Vision Expo East offers continuing education classes and exhibitions from Friday to Sunday. Join us and hundreds of other optical professionals to get a glimpse at amazing new optical technology, try on the latest in eyeglass frame designs, and learn more about business solutions to grow your optical practice.

1947872_10151973657115894_558477893_nDoctor’s Internet will be at booth #MS6856, so be sure to stop by and speak with our marketing and website design experts to learn how a fresh new website for your optical store or optometry practice can boost your business and increase your client and patient base. If you already have a website, but are unhappy with how it performs, let our marketing associates perform a brief SEO analysis of your current site and show you how our web marketing services produce real and quantifiable results. If you’re starting from scratch, we offer customized website development, so you can partner with our web designers to create an impressive web presence, allowing future patients and customers to learn more about the eye care services and optical products you offer.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 International Vision Expo & Conference! Stop by our booth #MS6856 to learn more about our web design and marketing services, as well as take advantage of our limited-time vision show discounts.

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Medical Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords for Dentists

Once your website is designed and up, you will certainly want to see how it’s working for you. To be able to tell how many new customers you’ve gotten from your website, Doctor’s Internet offers phone call tracking. With this feature you can evaluate your website’s performance by having the ability to trace your customer’s phone calls in order to determine which originated from your website. At Doctor’s Internet, each website is assigned an exclusive tracking phone number which allows you to identify the advertising source of the call, whether it’s your website or Google Adwords (Google’s main advertising product). All phone calls are also recorded so they can be played back and there is a great deal of information that can be learned from messages left. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a type of online marketing we also offer at Doctor’s Internet that uses advertising on search engines (such as Google Adwords) that target your practice and tempts potential customers to go to your website when they type in specific keywords. This is referred to as pay per click because you pay the search engine a fee every time a consumer clicks on your ad. At Doctors Internet, we manage your PPC campaign so it works rather quickly for the specific towns you want your ad to be seen and getting it to the top of the search results, which is always our goal.

Pay per click advertising is one of the least expensive forms of internet advertising available. A small company that later become part of Yahoo first introduced pay per click advertising in 1998, with search engines using pay per click advertising to generate revenue. Medical practices everywhere are now using pay per click advertising as a cost-effective means of advertising, with Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing still on top in the pay per click advertising market. Some search engines frequently use bidding as their form of pay per click advertising where an advertiser will submit its advertisement along with a list of keywords. The advertiser will then choose an amount, usually in cents, that they are willing to pay per click. The majority of these types of advertisements will appear at the top, or side of the search results as a sponsored link or sponsored advertisement.

Make your online advertising more efficient by signing up for pay per click advertising, managed by our SEO specialists at Doctor’s Internet. Call us at 800-416-5235 for more information about pay per click advertising and how it’ll help to target your ideal client base and boost your business.

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Chiropractor Website Marketing

Online Marketing for Chiropractors

Did you know that your website can do so much more for you than simply attract customers to your relaxing chiropractic practice? If you are curious about how your website works to bring you business, want to know more about your patients, or simply wish to better assist your patients in getting the care they need to be free from pain without medications, your chiropractor website marketing services may hold the answer. At Doctor’s Internet we more than design and update websites for medical professionals, we also provide superior additional services such as phone call tracking to get you ahead of the game and assisting your patients like never before.

Our website marketing team recognizes the importance of allowing our customers like you understand just how well your website is working to bring you business. Why believe our word that your website brought in over so many new patients this past month alone, when you can see for yourself? With phone call analytics, your chiropractor website marketing service can be more effective than ever before. Our marketing team works by assigning your webpage with its own unique tracking phone number that allows you and our team measure and review all of the phone calls you receive as a result of browsing your website. All phone calls which occur from this number are still routed to regular your office line, so you can continue to receive them as needed without the need for an additional line.

With phone call tracking as a part of your chiropractor website marketing service, you can track your customers unlike ever before. Through phone call tracking not only can you view just how many customers you are getting from your website, but you can learn their age demographic and their address. This allows you and our marketing team to focus your campaign onto different areas of your local community as needed, and find out what age demographic we should focus our work together on in order to compose content and an advertising campaign that works to bring in more patients than ever before. Not only can you see who your customers, where they are from, and how they have found your practice, but you also get all of your customers phone calls recorded. This allows you to return missed calls and help your patients find the chiropractic care they are looking for.

At Doctor’s Internet we pride ourselves on putting medical professionals like you at the top of their industry with leading web design and chiropractor website marketing services that allow you to better serve your patients. With phone call analytics not only do you get to see your website working for you, but you have the opportunity to help your patients more than ever before.

For a free phone call tracking software consultation, simply signup on our website with your name, number, email, and website at Doctor’s Internet. Or give us a call at 800-416-5235 to speak with one of our marketing specialists.

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Dermatologist Web Design

Dermatology Websites

Maintaining your practice is simply not enough. For a variety of reasons, your current patients may not be your patients a year from now. Expanding is an ambitious and a great idea, but even if that isn’t your goal, you still need a strong influx of new patients to replace the natural process of erosion. That is something that we at Doctor’s Internet can help with. Our web design for dermatologists is committed to doing all of the necessary things that will keep your practice running smoothly and growing ever stronger.

A website today is not a luxury. It is a necessity. And it needs to look just as professional as you are; it needs to exhibit the attention to detail that you do with your patients; and it needs to be organized logically so that it can be navigated and let the prospective patient finds what he or she is looking for. And let’s not forget that it has to look good. It must be pleasing to the eye and welcoming. Just leave it to us. All of it. Our web design for dermatologists will handle all of the details, from A to Z.

It just makes good business sense to turn to a specialist. Your patients do and so should you. That is who we are. Your website will be designed to reflect you and your staff and the services you provide. But that’s not all. We don’t simply build the website and fade away. We offer you search engine optimization so that your website will be way up high in the rankings when people in your area are searching for a dermatologist. We offer tracking and analysis of incoming phone calls so that you can gauge just how well our web design for dermatologists is working for you.

Stop wasting your time trying to create and manage your own website. Instead focus on your dermatology practice and give us a call today at 800-416-5235 to get started on making your practice stronger than ever without the hassle.

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Google Maps Optimization

Google Maps Optimization

Are you looking to draw in more patients into your professional medical practice? How are you going to stand out from the other local competition? At Doctor’s Internet, our expert online marketers use Google Maps optimization as part of our search engine optimization strategies in order to make our client’s more and more visible to both current and prospective patients in search engine. Google Maps is a highly useful tool that you are likely already familiar with. It works with search engine results in order to quickly guide searchers to relevant businesses and services providers based on the service that they searched for and their current location. Google Maps even provides step-by-step directions to help people get to their destinations faster and easier.

If you would like your medical practice to come up on the maps, it helps for your practice to be located higher up in the search engine results, or to generally be more relevant to searches involving services that you provide. This is where the experts at Doctor’s Internet come in. We use a variety of search engine optimization tactics throughout your personalized medical website design in order to make your practice’s website appear higher and higher in search engine results, and thereby making it appear as one of the local choices that appear on the Google Maps feature on the Google search engine page. Google Maps optimization can make a big difference when it comes to attracting patients to your practice over others, because it makes it even easier for patients to find and physically get to. We would love to show you how Google Maps optimization can benefit you, your patients, and your practice as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about Google Maps optimization or any of the other services provided by the experts at Doctor’s Internet, we invite you to browse through our main website and contact us at 800-416-5235 with any questions.

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Plastic Surgeon Websites

Plastic Surgeon Websites

At Doctor’s Internet, we know how important it is to have your plastic surgeon websites attract the right kind of clientele to your practice. With the proper marketing, your website is the first thing that greets your prospective, as well as current, patients online, and our expert web design specialists feel it should be customized to enhance what makes you stand out from the rest. Our plastic surgeon website design specialists at Doctor’s Internet make sure that all your information is easy to find, that navigation to each page is smooth and speedy and, all contact forms and pages to add a comment or review are working properly. It’s important to let the visitors to your website, your potential patients, get to know your practice, services, credentials, and who you are. We achieve this using your plastic surgeon website’s images, colors, choice of lettering and photos and any videos that you choose to represent your practice. The essence of your business should be reflected through your plastic surgeon website design and we want people to see why they should choose you over another doctor.

Designs for plastic surgeon websites not only need to be clean and pleasing to the eye, but should be informative and clearly promote the message you want to send regarding your practice and all the services you offer. We know that consistency is crucial and it’s important to use your recognizable name and logo, any familiar colors associated with your practice, and what you specialize in. We work closely with you and discuss your needs to better understand how best to combine our expertise with your goals and within a budget you are comfortable with. Our goal is to make it easy for your existing patients and, more importantly, for new patients to find you easily, as well as all the information they need pertaining to your practice.

To assure that your customers find you, our plastic surgeon website design specialists perfect an innovative marketing strategy with a proven track record of success. Our marketing advertising specialists have extensive experience in tried and true marketing strategies to communicate all the most important information about your business to help attract the right clientele. Our marketing specialists conduct widespread research as to the demographics, needs, and preferences of, not only, your existing patients but also how to reach and attract potential ones.

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Internet Marketing for Dermatologists

Internet Marketing for Dermatologists

At Doctor’s Internet, we don’t “just” provide you with a professionally done and fully functioning website with full support and no upfront fees. Of course, if we did you would probably still feel it was a fantastic bargain. But in addition to all of that, our dermatologist internet marketing company gives you a choice of online marketing options so that you can select the very best way to promote your practice and allow it to flourish.

We recognize that your marketing goals may not be the same as other specialities or even other practices within your specialty. Let us help market your services within your local neighborhoods or expand your reach if you feel that you are likely to draw a base of new clientele from a larger geographic area. Our dermatologist internet marketing company listens to you. We do not do a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. Instead, we work with you to determine the neighborhoods and zip codes you want to reach; the keywords and phrases that are most likely to show up when potential new patients go looking on the popular search engines.

That isn’t all, however. Besides getting new clients, it is imperative to maintain your relationships with your existing ones. So perhaps you want to consider email marketing or direct marketing. Our dermatologist internet marketing company can help you put together an e-mail blast or a monthly newsletter. Thinking you don’t have the time for that? You don’t need to. We will take care of all the heavy lifting: the design and the layout and logistics of getting the e-mail out to your list of clients. You simply approve the content and leave the rest to us.

And we can also design a brochure or an e-mail that is focused on prospective patients. Our dermatologist internet marketing company also can work to accumulate an impressive list of e-mail addresses or snail mail addresses for you. Give us a call today at 800-416-5235 and let us start helping you sort through these exciting marketing options to grow your practice.

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Dermatologist Marketing Services

Dermatologist Marketing Services

Is your new website failing to attract the new clientele you deserve? No matter how beautiful and elegant your webpage design may be, it cannot on its own work to bring you new business. A webpage is only as effective as its advertising, just as any new medical practice or business is. But who has the time to run an effective webpage with intuitive and informative marketing, while maintaining a state of the art dermatologist office? You do, with the help of our professional internet marketing team at the medical design experts of Doctor’s Internet. Through SEO marketing techniques geared to your local medical practice, we can work with you to create an effective advertising campaign that truly works to bring patients into your waiting room.

No matter what you are looking for today, be it a new dog or an effective skin care solution that will truly give you the radiant complexion you are longing for, your first stop is always your favorite search engine on any web-browsing device. These search engines are so effective today thanks in part to a keyword searching technique that hunts for content believed to be relevant to your topic, and bringing it to the top of the results for you. It is this same process which our internet marketing team utilizes to bring your web page to the top of the pack. By selecting the most searched keywords on your medical practice, and combining them with local areas near your dermatology practice, our dermatologist marketing services work to bring locals in search of skin care to your medical practice.

There are many SEO marketing services available today, but none quite like the experts at Doctor’s internet. Our online marketing team are not only content and SEO experts in their chosen fields, they also work to create content that is informative about your medical practice. By helping patients to learn more about your procedures and how affective they are in your line of work, our dermatologist marketing team works not only to bring new patients to your site, we also encourage them to stick around and learn more about what sets your dermatologist practice apart. Unlike other small business online marketing companies, Doctor’s Internet is truly driven to meet the unique needs of medical practices just like you.

We are so certain that you will love what we can do for you that our professional staff are happy to give you a completely complimentary consultation. With the assistance of the online marketing team at Doctor’s Internet, your dermatologist practice can work to better serve the community you work in.

To find out how SEO driven dermatologist marketing services can be a powerful force in drumming up new clientele for your advanced care practice, simply visit our website at Doctor’s Internet, or give us a call at 800-416-5235.

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Podiatrist Website Marketing

Podiatrist Website Marketing

Have you created a beautiful website that matches the professional medical knowledge and soothing oasis of your podiatry clinic, only to find it failing to give your business the attention it deserves? A stunning and intuitively designed web presence is an important part of any effective website to help drive business to your medical practice, but it is not the only step that is necessary for you to take. The only way to truly get clients to view your website is by helping to bring the word about your podiatry practice to them, but how are you to go about this in an effective manner? With the podiatrist website marketing experts at Doctor’s Internet our staff can show you just how the latest local SEO strategies can work to bring patients to your waiting room.

It’s no secret that when any of us want answers to our questions today, be it tonight’s meal or an answer to our improper gait or foot pains and aches, the first place we turn to is the web browser of our computing devices, be it a desk top computer or our smart phone on the goal. However, few of us are actually knowledgeable about how the search engines we use truly work to bring us the correct answers to our questions time and time again. The secret to podiatrist website marketing in an effective and informative manner lies in crafting the perfect content for your web page that is crafted around local SEO strategies. Search engines work by finding the words in your search in the sites from web pages around the world, and displaying them to you in order of which page contains this key phrase the most number of times. Our website marketing team makes this system work for us through means of highly advanced SEO strategy.

By combining the most popular combinations of keywords searched in the fields of podiatry needs and treatment with names of local towns and neighborhoods in your area, our podiatrist website marketing team works to put these phrases at the heart of well-written and intellectual content that works to simultaneously inform your clients about the work you do and how these products and medical procedures can improve he lives of your patients, all while helping to spread the word about your medical practice.

To find out just how local SEO marketing can drive patients to your business, sign up for a free consultation at Doctors Internet by calling 800-416-5235, where the experts in web site marketing and design combine with medical knowledge for online presence fit for your podiatry clinic.

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