Every Medical Practice Needs A Website

Website Design for Medical Offices

Medical Websites

Medical Websites

Every business now needs some sort of website. A customer or patient will be online searching for your business. If they cannot find a website associated with your business name, they will just go to the next business on Google searches that does have one. The main concept behind this is that, in 2014 if you don’t have a website then you are not upto date with technology. If you are not upto date with technology, what do you think the customer or patient will think of your office equipment? Probably out of date.

Getting a website is a simple process. You can build a simple website or a website with a lot of features that will make your medical practice stand out. A simple website consists of the following: Contact Page, About Us Page, Office Hours, Downloadable Forms, Address and Phone. Here at DoctorsInternet.com we will create a medical practice website for your business.

Why you should sign a web design or marketing contract

Contracts are often spoken against in the world of web design and search engine optimization (SEO). Companies tote “no contract”, or “our customers stay because they want to not because they have to”.  Not sure how contracts got to be a bad thing.  When you hear that a company has no contract you can generally assume that means they charge a ton of money upfront because how else could they afford to build and optimize a website for a client that doesn’t stick around.  The other concern should be what happens if you have trouble with your website or the company doesn’t deliver the services they promised, how are they responsible to you, the customer, if you are not in a contract?  I’ll tell you, should you need assistance with your website you will pay the company’s hourly rate which can, of course, be very expensive.

Contracts - Why You Should

Contracts – Why You Should

If a contract concerns you, check out the total outlay for the time period of the contract, how does it compare to the company offering no contract?  You will probably find the total contract price less expensive than the company advertising no contract.  What happens if you need assistance after the work is completed?  No company can or will continue any kind of regular work on your website if you are not in a contract or paying additionally.

So, what do contracts offer?  What should they say to you?  Security, that’s what.  A contract means that just as you are responsible to pay your monthly installment, so is the website company to fulfill the duties that they’ve promised you for the life of your contract. Imagine if you rented an apartment and paid for the year in full, do you think the landlord would fix your leaking sink?  Of course not thats why you sign a lease and pay your monthly rent. As a whole, web design and search engine optimization change frequently and so must most companies that are worth their salt.  If you are contracted the changes offered by the company to new clients will also be offered to you. Contracts should offer unlimited edits, technical assistance, regular optimization services, upgraded change services and support.  Don’t fear the contract, embrace it!

5 ways to optimize your online presence

1. Create a responsive website

5 ways to optimize your online presence

5 ways to optimize your online presence

The very first step to building your online presence is to craft the perfect online home for your medical practice. No matter what profession or specialty your practice offers, medical professionals need a website that works to accurately and intelligently display all of the information their patients are looking for. This includes but is not limited to a detailed list of services, health information related to treatments, a list of insurances, and the history of your practice in education and service to your local area. A poorly designed and maintained website can do more damage than no website at all, which is why these practices are best left to the experts. Your website should work to showcase exactly what makes your practice different, whether it’s your beautiful and modern practice, your many years of experience, or the specialty you work to provide for, such as endodontistry in lieu of general dentistry, in order to properly convey the image of your practice on the web. The perfect website works to engage the audience, is cleanly laid out for easy access, and is also mobile friendly for browsing anywhere at any time, no matter what the size of their smart phone.

2. Optimize locally across the web

No website is complete without a system that works to bring in traffic. Medical websites need to bring in not just website browser, but must specifically work to attract patients in the surrounding neighborhoods of your practice in order to help people in need find you. This can be accomplished through local SEO practices which are able to be utilized within your website, throughout the content on your website’s medical blog, as well as on your social media profiles. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This cutting edge form of online advertising works to keep your blog, website, and social media pages at the very top of online searches to insure your patients always find you first over the competition. By utilizing keywords that are commonly searched for in conjunction with the names of local towns adjacent to your practice, your website will always be flowing with the right kind of traffic.

3. Keep your info up to date

Times change, and with medical websites the science and treatment of many practices is always working to add new technology and the latest in cutting edge procedures into the services they offer. Whether you have changes your phone call services, or simply have added a new imaging system in use at your practice, your information needs to be maintained. Health care professionals should take care to list the basics in contact information, such as an up to date phone, email, and address in Yellowpages and Google maps. Taking care to double check phone numbers and links to your website will insure that there are no gaps in your online presence.

4. Build Quality Inbound Links

A quality inbound link does more than just build the credibility of your practice, they actively work to move your website ever high in search engine rankings, thusly working to insure that your page is always the first to be found. By developing links of high quality to associations related to your medical practice, you can work to help your patients find you through these elite associations. You can identify a link of excellent quality by those which relate to your medical practice, as well as those which end with a .gov, .org, or a .edu. Quality inbound links are the vital finishing touch to a website that work to bring in traffic all while adding to the professional, intellectual, and experienced image of your practice as one patient’s can trust with their unique and personal needs.

5. Connect to your patients with social media

Connect With Social Media

Connect With Social Media

The rise in the internet today and the emergence of online business has brought with it a new type of patient. This cautious patient wants to know more than just the years your practice has been in operation or what school the doctors have attended, they also want to keep connected with the current goings on of your health care center, as well as view the recent history of your offices. This means building social media accounts on a wide number of networks. No matter what medical services you offer, having an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ allows patients to feel connected to you, and to stay connected through each other with reviews and comments that show just how great your medical practice truly is from the words of your patients themselves.

AAD’s 2014 Summer Academy Meeting [Chicago]


DoctorsInternet.com will be attending this year’s American Academy of Dermatology, Summer Academy Meeting in Chicago, IL.  The event will begin on August 6th and run till August 10th at the Hyatt Regency Chicago where dermatologists will gather, learn the latest in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic diseases.

DoctorsInternet.com will be showcasing our web design and marketing services for dermatologist all across the nation. We will be located in booth #1614 demonstrating our services for dermatology professionals and how we can help their business grow by catering our marketing services and web design for dermatologist in their respective locations.

View our services and client portfolios for dermatology professionals or request a FREE DEMO below or click here to view the full site.

DoctorsInternet.com Rebrands, Launches New Website, Logo and Additional Services [Official Press Release]


The Doctors Internet LLC, announced that it will be launching its redesigned website at doctorsinternet.com, changing its logo and adding new services for current and future clients.

Users will be able to navigate more easily throughout DoctorsInternet.com and will find specific landing pages tailored to their own medical profession. The service will be extended to all healthcare professionals including dentists, optometrists, podiatrists and other doctors looking for medical website design and marketing expertise.

Along with its updated design, DoctorsInternet.com is offering enhanced services to its clients to offer further options to assist in practice building.

The most recent additions to the suite of services include a Review Generation Platform, expanded Social Media Management with content creation, and Website Narration.

The Review Generation Platform features quarterly reports generated by dedicated marketing representatives at The Doctors Internet. These reports include reviews made by patients about their doctor over multiple review platforms including Google, Yelp and Healthgrades. In addition to online doctor reviews, the marketing reps manage other facets of the doctors’ social media networks including their blog, Facebook and Google Plus.

The company will also increase engagement and keep potential patients on the website longer with a Website Narrator. Clients will choose from a selection of professional actors and actresses and will provide a 90 word script that will greet users on the website.

About DoctorsInternet.com

DoctorsInternet.com is a website design and marketing company exclusively for health professionals. The doctors who founded the company were interested in improving the strategies of current internet marketing for doctors. DoctorsInternet.com has over 1,000 clients around the nation. For more information, please visit Doctorsinternet.com.

Websites for Doctors

Medical Website Design

No medical practice is complete without the perfect web presence that conveys your level of expertise and devotion to the latest in state of the art technology to your clients. However, it is not enough to simply create a website and call it complete. A website that lies fallow and unused can drive patients away just as much as no website at all in some cases. Websites for doctors need to be as informative as they are smartly designed, and part of being informative is communicating with your patients on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean you need to do all the work yourself, not when you have a team of medical web presence experts with a technical support package from Doctor’s Internet.

Part of a great website is all about the appearances, and this means a fluid site that loads quickly on any browser and device, as well as having back-up always there for you. With health professional website support at Doctor’s Internet we don’t just give our clients one or two services. We understand the importance of medical practices and the need for their websites to work no matter what, and that’s why we offer you unlimited technical support to solve every and any problem you could ever run into. Our websites for doctors are hosted on state of the art servers to accommodate any amount of traffic, so you never have worry about your website being down to an influx at any time.

Appearance is about more than just a sleek and intelligent web design that reflects your practice, but it also needs to reflect the professionalism of your staff. Our websites for doctors support packages give you a completely professional appearance by including up to 10 email addresses that match the name of your practice, making it easy for your patients to get a hold of you if they need your advice or to change an appointment. We make it easy to stay in touch with your patients too with access to these emails through our servers from any computer anywhere on the globe, and even forwarding services to your personal account automatically at your choosing. Your website will always stay up to date with any specials or new treatments you are offering with unlimited content changes, and even monthly analytics reports so you can see just how hard your website is working for you.

For the very best in websites for doctors, be sure to purchase your technical support package from the Doctor’s Internet. Our hosting and support team includes unlimited technical support as part of our Health Professional Website Support free of charge. With technical support from Doctor’s Internet you can rest easy knowing your website is fully taken care of. Call us at 800-416-5235 today!

Psychiatrist Online Marketing

Local Marketing for Psychiatrists

At Doctors Internet, we will go over all the various types of psychiatrist online marketing methods available, especially search engine optimization (SEO). Whether we have designed a new website for you or are updating your existing one, we will make sure that it’s loaded with content and words specifically pertaining to psychiatry because we know these keywords will bring future patients, as well as current patients, to your website when they are searching on Google for a psychiatrist. As part of our psychiatrist online marketing, our experts at Doctors Internet will use SEO to guarantee first page placement on Google when your specialty is searched for. This is a necessary part of marketing because once your website content is finished, it needs to be optimized for the search engines. Therefore, whether new or existing, we will design your website to enhance and optimize your site traffic so search engine optimization should be a substantial part of your online marketing strategy.

Once we have achieved a high placement on Google for you, our marketing specialists continue working to keep it and improve it. We stay current with Google, as well as other major search engines, and will always adjust our marketing strategies as needed. Our search engine optimization marketing specialists monitor our own SEO techniques, constantly working and analyzing, in case there is something we feel we can improve on for you. We also want to know how your psychiatry site shows up when keywords pertaining to your practice are typed into a search box. Your first page visibility on Google is our main goal and we will continue to analyze our search engine optimization techniques. With our dedicated efforts and marketing expertise you can be the psychiatry practice that hears those magic words, “You’re on page 1 of Google searches”. Our psychiatrist online marketing specialists at Doctors Internet accomplish this by boosting your small business’s presence in the very popular search engine. We know your visibility is a must and we strive to get you the first page placement you deserve.

If you’re unhappy with how your website is performing in searches, then you should contact our marketing specialists at 800-416-5235 to learn more about our local online marketing services to bring more and more patients to your website each day.

Psychologist Website Design

Websites for Psychologists

At Doctor’s Internet, we’re pleased to offer you not only the best in psychologist website design, but choices in the layout, look, and feel of your website that allows it to take on a uniqueness that represents you. Among the many possibilities are our various website templates. Boasting an array of eye catching color combinations, backgrounds, and styles, we are confident that we have the one that is simply perfect for you. If anything, the hard part might be narrowing it down to just one. And if you do need that help, we’re here for that too, offering skilled guidance and expert advice designed to point you in the right direction.

One possibility is the Polished Style. It is both bold and elegant, with a menu at the top of the page that can include the appropriate drop down options. In addition, the buttons located just underneath the rotating pictures allow for the user to select which of the six combinations of text and photo they wish to see at any given moment. The page is laid out logically, containing all the pertinent information without seeming overcrowded. It is one of the fine choices from our psychologist website design.

Vantage Style is more colorful and active. Note how the pictures change like a vertical slide show and the key points pop up in succession. Or consider the Preferred Style that gives you a more subtle appearance and with less movement. Its menu is conveniently stationed just below the banner that includes your practice name. Our psychologist website design offers these and many other selections, each developed to find the ideal balance between professionalism and warmth. Mixing inviting visuals and important information about what you offer to your patients, any of our designs will serve the purpose for which they are intended: getting more phone inquiries and more patients to your office.

Learn more about our amazing website design exclusively available for health professionals by calling us at 800-416-5235!

Why A Website Will Help Your Medical Practice

Chiropractic Website Design

Website Design

There are many reasons why an MD, DDS, DPM, DO, OD or any other type of health professional would need a website. While doctors love to reminisce about the days when they would hang up a shingle and be open for business, patients today do their research before stepping through the door. With most of that research being done online, here are the top five reasons why you cannot afford not to have a website and an SEO package:

1. People Use The Internet To Find Doctors

The single most important reason to cultivate an online presence: people Google everything! Almost everyone nowadays searches on Google before making a decision. Whether it’s hiring a plumber or buying a mattress, Google leads the way based on the doctor’s website’s SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is the ability to get your site to show up higher in search. With about 70% of searches done on Google and 95% not leaving the first page, the results showing up highest in local search will get the most clicks, calls and, as a direct result, new patients. However, even if your website is on the first page you still need to make sure it will attract the eye and draw in the prospective new patient. It needs to be mobile responsive, which means able to resize for smaller screens like tablets and smartphones. According to some opinions, nearly half of searches are performed on mobile devices, and you have about 17 seconds to capture that user. Without a mobile responsive site, the person will get frustrated zooming in and scrolling and will likely go to your competition.

2. Display Online Reviews

This one is a double edged sword. While prospective patients are attracted to a doctor with good reviews over no reviews, if you have bad reviews, that could really hurt your chances of attracting new patients. Your site should have a reviews page that will allow you to request reviews from those patients who are most satisfied. Online reviews tend to only come from the 1% who had a bad experience. It’s important to get the other 99% to show their support, even if it means throwing in a discount or gift of some sort.

3. List Insurances Accepted

Now that someone has found you online and saw your sterling reputation, they will likely investigate to see if you accept their insurance. Remember there are still about 8 other doctors on the first page of local Google search competing for this person’s business. With copays going up and Obamacare changing personal policies, it’s extra important to be sensitive to people’s bottom lines. Patients want to see their insurance listed on your site, especially if they’re researching after hours. If you don’t accept their insurance, or any at all, something on the site should convince them to call anyway, whether it says “we work with most plans” or “financial help available.” New patients should feel like coming to your office will not break the bank.

4. Products And Services

While the products and services you offer may be very similar to those of your competition, patients still need to know what it is you offer! If you’re a dentist, do you offer Invisalign? Are there any current specials? Do you do dental implants or veneers? If you’re an optometrist, do you also sell glasses? Gucci or Ralph Lauren? These are all details that patients want to see before they walk in the door. And they want it laid out cleanly on a mobile responsive website with a “call now” button easily accessible.

5. Staff, Office Hours & Patient Forms

The patient is nearly ready for their first visit and just wants to get acquainted with the office before going in. A complete website will include pictures and information about the doctor(s) and staff members as well as pictures of the office. (A virtual tour is not out of the question and will earn you extra points!) You should also have PDFs of your patient forms so they could print them out and bring them in completed on the day of their first appointment to save time. Lastly, a “Contact Us” page will allow patients to email the office directly through the website. The form will be sent to your office staff inbox 24/7. Now your office can run that much more efficiently!

Doctors must not only join those who already have websites, but also must keep improving the one they currently have. New tools come out every six months or so to enhance SEO and time spent on the site, like videos or talking narrators. Do not get left behind when new patients search online.

Podiatry Website Design

Mobile-Enhanced Medical Websites

Today, it is a simple fact of life that most people are very attached to their mobile devices. In fact, a great deal of web browsing today occurs on smart phones rather than actual computers. If you are looking to take your podiatry website to the next level, you should speak to the podiatry website design experts here at Doctor’s Internet to learn about making your practice’s website what is referred to as “mobile enhanced.” Think about it: when most prospective patients are searching for a podiatrist in the area, there is a high probability that their searching and browsing will be done on their smart phone.

Trying to view a regular website on a mobile phone can be frustrating and lead to your prospective patient to move on to another website, and another doctor. Our podiatry website designexperts can protect you from losing clients that way, and can encourage the growth of your practice by making your practice’s website enhanced for mobile devices. This simple alteration to your website makes it so that the site can sense the size of the screen that it is being viewed on, and adjust as necessary to make your website as easy to navigate as possible on the device your prospective patient is viewing. The website visitor will also be able to toggle from regular to mobile view so that they can choose whichever option they prefer and that makes their browsing as convenient as possible. Prospective patients truly appreciate these small details, because the come together to form the impression that your practice is set apart from the competition in its quality of care for patients.

If you would like to learn more about the podiatry website design services, including mobile enhancement and others, provided by the experts here at Doctor’s Internet, we encourage you to visit our main website to see some additional information or call us at 800-416-5235 to speak to one of our marketing executives.