Search Engine Submissions

Boost Search Engine Visibility & Attract Customers. Submit to all the search engines.

Why is it important to submit to search engines

By manually submitting your website to different search engines, your website benefits in several different ways. First and foremost, this makes sure that search engines such as Google index your website. Search engines utilize something called “crawling” to scan your website and ensure that each and every page on your website is searchable and visible. This makes sure that Google knows exactly what your website is about, and connects relevant keywords and search results to your website. To further facilitate easy crawling and crystal clear visibility, our website design keeps crawling in mind and makes sure all of your pages are interconnected and linked, which further builds authority with Google.

Another important aspect of search engine submission is gaining something called backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks on other websites and directories that point to your website. By manually submitting your website to different search engines and directories, we gain quality backlinks from these pages that link to your website. Search engines, namely Google put a lot of value into backlinks that come from authoritative websites, and this results in higher search placement for your practice. Search engine submissions are another great way that connects patients to your business.