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Every dental practice wants to be at the top of the search engines or on page one of google.   A great website can convert visitors to potential clients or patients.  A dentist knows how to practice dentistry, he or she might not know about dental seo or the strategies that it takes to get on the first page of google. has experienced dental seo specialists who have worked in this industry for years.  We have helped hundreds of dentists achieve this goal.  We have experience in ranking websites in local cities and communities all over the United States.  We can brand you business online with the best keywords and help grow your practice.

Some key factors in dental seo:

  1. Keyword Research – Ranking well for keywords in your industry and location
  2. Building a dental website – We can build you a complete dental website that will attract new patients for FREE.
  3. Dental Social Signals – With our dental social media management program we will post every week to your Facebook and Google Plus accounts.  Showing relevant content that people want to reach.
  4. Unique Dental Content – We write a unique dental article based on your services and locations your provide these services.

We have a winning dental seo strategy that works.  Contact us today to find out more

Dentist Website Design

Dentist Website Design

Dentist Website Design

Dentist Website Design

Now is your chance to turn on a steady stream of high-value new dental patients with your own personalized dental website! builds, maintains, and optimizes dental websites. We have insights into dental internet marketing that no other website company has, since our founder and president is a dentist who marketed his own dental practice on the Internet for a number of years.  In order for your dental practice to grow and excel, you need a dental website to help you dominate on the Internet. A complete dental website will inform your prospective patients about your dental services in a friendly and professional manner, helping you foster lasting and profitable relationships with them. Your dentist practice will also profit from the increased visibility, further promoting you to the appropriate market of clientele.

Benefits of having a Dental Practice Website

Dental Web Design

Dental Web Design

There are many benefits to having a website, especially since today’s communicational tool is mainly the Internet. Having your own website will provide informational resources to prospective patients and promotional advantages for your dental practice. As a key component to establishing a successful practice, a dental website can help you.  With a dental website, you can reach more people faster. By making your dental practice more visible and accessible to the public, you’re increasing your rate of patient-conversion.  If you want more patients in your dental office then call at 1-800-416-5235.

Online Marketing for Dental Practices

Can you remember the last time you didn’t visit a website before checking out a new business. You expect information about the company or business to be readily available online.  Your dental patients are no different. They expect the same from you. In fact, studies show more and more people turn to the Internet for healthcare information every year. What does that mean to you? Your dental practice has to have a custom website—a really good one with lots of details about you and your team and what you have to offer. Not sure what to include in a practice website? Think of the things you would want to know. Let build you a custom dental website – so call 1-800-416-5235.

Dental Website Marketing with SEO

As you watch the traffic attracted by your website, you will begin to see why we have such a strong reputation in search engine optimization. Our dental seo leads the industry.  For years, dentists have relied on Yellow Pages and other forms of printed advertising to promote and grow their practice.  It used to be enough to put an ad in the Yellow Pages and another one in the local newspaper or magazine to bring in patients. However, print advertising usage is now at a record low and Internet advertising and Internet traffic is increasing at record rates.  Let assist you in getting your dental website to the top of the search engines to bring you more dental patients.

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Dental Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Dental Websites

SEO For Dental Websites

As part of a comprehensive dental search engine optimization campaign, gaining inbound links to your website is critical. But what exactly does this entail, and how should you most effectively go about gaining these types of valuable links? When an arduous task presents itself, it is human nature to try to find a shortcut. Sometimes, these shortcuts work and the quality of the end result is not sacrificed. But often, the shortcut either turns out to be a short-term fix or worse, it backfires leaving you worse off than you were before. And, in my experience, such is the case in regard to building quality inbound links to your website as part of your dental search engine optimization campaign.

After many years of trying to find shortcuts myself, I finally recognized that the best, highest impact, longest lasting links that point to a website are EARNED – not bought, begged for, or stolen. And how does one go about earning quality inbound links? By actually offering something of value – whether it is value found on your website or value you provide to other websites. Below are a few simple ideas that take a good deal of work, but when applied appropriately, almost always pay off for your long-term dental search engine optimization efforts.

1. Building an Educational or Resource Section

As I have written about many times before, an educational section of your website serves a variety of purposes. It adds additional pages to your website that can be optimized for critical keyphrases. It can shorten your sales cycle by educating your prospects online rather than over the phone. It can also garner a large number of quality inbound links, simply because you are offering content that doesn’t just scream “buy here” – you are instead offering intellectual capital that helps the visitor to make informed decisions, stay on top of industry trends, etc. These are all ideal outcomes of a search engine optimization strategy. People will often link to this valuable content without even being asked, but if you do initiate an effort to reach out to webmasters in your industry asking for inbound links, they are much more likely to comply if you are offering something of value in exchange.

2. Writing and Submitting Expert Articles

Chances are that your company has a few in-house experts in your industry on staff. But did you know that by promoting these hotshots’ ideas, you can help your search engine optimization efforts by getting inbound links? More than likely, these staff members have important things to say about your industry – where it has been, where it is heading, and what issues it currently faces. By having these experts write articles (or having them ghostwritten by a professional writer after he or she interviews your expert), you can then submit this material to popular industry websites, and thereby share that insider wisdom.

The upside to this approach and benefit to your search engine optimization goals is obvious – getting inbound links (generally provided in the author bio). In addition, people who may not have heard of your company, but are knowledgeable about your industry can find out about you from visiting a popular industry portal rather than by only finding your website. Again, the basic premise of expert article submission is that you are trading something of value for multiple benefits, one of those benefits being inbound links to support search engine optimization.

3. Creating and Updating a Blog

Much like submitting expert articles to industry publications or providing a general educational section on your site, a blog is a very specific, popular way to show off your expert knowledge of your industry, albeit in a more informal manner.

Blogs are a great part of search engine optimization, as they give your site a boost by offering fresh content (and gain inbound links from interested readers). They also help you to show off your current knowledge of industry trends and events by serving as a publishing platform for these newsworthy items as they unfold – sending a clear sign to your visitors that you are staying on top of all current issues relevant to your industry.

Over time, others in your industry will recognize the value of the information that you are providing, and many will share it with others via a link from their own site. Once again, you are providing something of value for multiple gains.

4. Offering Free, Informational, Industry-Related Tools

In almost every industry, there are tools that people might rely on as part of their decision making process, and by utilizing a valuable tool, you can actually promote inbound links. Mortgáge sites provide free, online calculators. Car dealers provide similar tools such as payment calculators. This principle can also extend to most industries.

Do you sell consulting services? If so, consider offering a spreadsheet that allows people to evaluate a certain aspect of their business. Do you provide remodeling services? Then consider creating a tool where a visitor can provide room dimensions and then add the features of the room that they desire, allowing them to see what it might look like. Use your imagination.

What tools do you use internally that might be of benefit to your visitors (tools that you don’t mind sharing, of course)? If it is a fresh and useful idea, you might be surprised at the number of websites that will provide you with inbound links. But again, there are other benefits for this value that you are offering, including more visitors, more brand recognition, and potentially a sense of gratitude from prospects who found your offering invaluable.

These are only a few ideas on how you can trade value for links as part of your search engine optimization strategy. We haven’t touched on opportunities that exist with video, interactive games, and a variety of emerging technologies. But the main idea here is very simple – you earn inbound links by providing value. Moreover, these efforts are not geared simply or specifically for the express purpose of building links. Each of the previously mentioned examples has multiple benefits apart from link building. Of course, it may seem like a lot of work, but your efforts are sure to pay dividends in the long run.

Source: By Scott Buresh