Business Listings

List your business across all the web business directory listings to attract new clients


One of the best ways to make your business visible to as many people on the web as possible is to make sure that your business can be found no matter how the user accesses information. With our Business Listing and Citation services, you can rest easy knowing that your business will have a presence no matter where you search. Our marketing professionals will be constantly updating, and adding listings that will help garner patients that are trying to find the perfect doctor for them.

Why is this important?

Having an established, unified presence throughout many business directories is vital in two different ways. By being on a vast array of different directories, you can make sure that the local patients that are looking for an office like yours will find you in any search or listing they may prefer. We do this by editing, and creating listings on an ever growing list of popular business listings. When we do this, we make sure that each and every listing has verified and up to date information, as well as completely fleshed out descriptions, images, and more. Having this unified web presence also benefits your practice in another way. By doing this, we gain another valuable resource in Citations.

What are Citations?

Citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on another webpage. By ensuring that you are listed far and wide on the web with the same correct information, we have links and mentions of your business that directly link back to your website. This is key because search engines such as Google and Bing put value not only in having your website linked and present in popular listings, but also that these listings have the same information. This authority with google leads to higher search results for your business, bringing in more local traffic. With the Business Listing service we offer here at Doctors Internet, your practice will be visible across all corners of the internet.