Bi Monthly Newsletter


Here at, we aim to offer the absolute best value for your business possible. Our Bi Monthly Newsletter is an important way that we deliver on that. We supply each and every client with a custom made binder for their practice. This binder will display our company’s logo on the front, and contain several different articles written by our professional content team to be displayed in your waiting room, or wherever you see fit.

What does the binder contain?

As mentioned before, your bi monthly newsletter binder will proudly show your business’s logo on the front. Inside, you will find a few starter articles that have been laminated so that they not only look beautiful, but will also stand up to any accidents or rough handling in the waiting room. These articles are unique content that our expert writers cater to your practices specialties. Each article is not just informative, but also engaging and enjoyable for your patients to read.

Great Content that patients want to read

Bi monthly, or every 60 days, you will receive another unique laminated article for your binder. This way every time a patient visits your practice they will be not just be greeted by your friendly staff, but also another great article to sit down and enjoy. Your bi monthly newsletter binder will serve as a great connecting point between you and the patient.

Want to reach out digitally?

Not a problem! Our bi monthly newsletter can also be distributed as an E-blast! This way, you can reach out to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Your client base will receive our unique articles every 60 days in their inbox, allowing them to stay connected with your practice no matter where life takes them. At, we make sure that we are providing the very best value and content to your practice, whether it be in office or online.